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Lavender Rice Heating Pad

What You’ll Need:

  • Scrap fabric
  • 3-4 cups rice (depending on size of heating pad)
  • 1/2 cup dried lavender
  • Sewing Machine (see below for alternative option)


  1. Start with a scrap piece of fabric measuring about 15” x 30”. The size of scrap fabric depends on the size heating pad you’d like to make - this can really be any size.

  2. Fold the piece of fabric in half, wrong sides together. Stitch along two of the three open sides, leaving one of the side open - we will refer to the open side as the “top” (creating a pillowcase-like shape).

  3. Turn the fabric right side out. Create small pockets so that the rice is distributed evenly throughout the heating pad. Do this by straight stitching a few lines vertically sewing the front and back of the heating pad together. Leave 1-2” unstitched at the top and bottom of the heating pad.

  4. In a large bowl, stir dried lavender into the rice. Use a small funnel to fill the heating pad with the rice mixture, leave about 1” of head space to allow room for sewing the top closed.

  5. Once filled, fold in the top to create about a 1/2 inch hem and top stitch over to seal the heating pad.

  6. To use the rice heating pad, warm in the microwave in 60 second increments until the desired heat is reached. Can drape over shoulders, knees, neck, back, or any other areas that need it.

No-Sew Alternative: If you're like us and missed out on the seamstress gene, you can add mixture to a long athletic sock and knot the end. Voila!

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